Shooting the Bullet: All About Road Bowling

This site is wholly dedicated to the great sport of road bowling.

For the uninitiated, this sport, which traces its routes to the 17th century, involves throwing, or "shooting" a metal ball, or "bullet" through a course of country roads. Though initially popular in North America and Scotland, the contemporary scene is found in Ireland.

Road bowling is a challenging sport and requires precisely honed skills. In Ireland, road bowlers are part of the Irish Road Bowling Association.

This site has information about the basics of the game, and updates on the latest road bowling news.

Road Bowling as an Irish Tradition

29 Jul 2021

It is fair to say that road bowling is a quintessentially Irish pastime. Over the past two centuries, the rules for the modern version of the sport were developed. For many Irish citizens, this game has become an important tradition and part of national pride.

Road Bowling in Ireland

15 Jan 2020

Road bowling has its history dating back centuries ago in Ireland. It has always been a favorite sport in rural villages. Annually, village residents, old and young, participate in road bowling competitions that are first meant to facilitate mutual relationships. Winning is just a second factor in these competitions.

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Would You Participate in This Year's Road bowling Championship?

4 Nov 2019

Road bowling is both fun and rewarding for the winner. If you have been practicing road bowling as a recreational activity for a while, why not consider taking part in a road bowling championship this year? You may as well win the first prize.